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Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergy Relief

Relief for Seasonal AllergiesEverything is harder with allergies.

You often feel you have to power through at work, with your kids, and in your social life. Having allergies wears you down. Just about anyone can be a potential victim of allergies. Adults and kids of all ages report feeling groggy, stuffy and light headed beginning right around Labor Day. Itchy eyes, sinus pressure headaches, sore throat, cough – for some, allergies are just an annoyance. However, for many allergy sufferers, the symptoms make them downright miserable. Yes, there are medicines you can take (such as Claritin and Benadryl), but many people with allergies report that their symptoms don’t fully go away when they take them. These allergy medications can also cause unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, there is an alternative to for seasonal allergy relief; allergies respond exceptionally well to acupuncture, especially when it is done in a series during allergy season. We also provide herbal supplements for our clients and see many positive benefits.

Tuning Into Your Body's Needs

Your body goes through subtle changes as the seasons change throughout the year. For example, your blood thickens a bit in the wintertime and thins in the summer; your pores contract in the winter and expand in the summer to help regulate your body temperature. For many people, when seasonal conditions change in autumn, their body doesn't change accordingly. This results in an internal conflict, which manifests as allergies. An out of balance immune system responds to seasonal conditions such as pollen, grasses and leaf mold as if they were a threat, like a virus or bacteria; however, allergies are not a cold or the flu. Your body is tries to attack a nonexistent “invader" and allergy symptoms are the result.

Acupuncture Brings Welcome Seasonal Allergy Relief

Acupuncture helps to align your body with the current season. In effect, your body is trained to feel safe and not to attack seasonal conditions like pollen, grasses, etc. as a threat. Acupuncture works best as a series of treatments, and while short term effects will be noticeable immediately, it usually takes multiple appointments for deeper, lasting results to register. Just as with going to the gym, you may not get your desired results after just one or two sessions; however, with a commitment to a program over time, lasting results are possible.
Why put up with feeling groggy, stuffy and light headed this year from allergies when you don't have to? If you’re ready to be free from seasonal allergies, call us today at 704.483.5441 to schedule your series of acupuncture appointments to begin just before Labor Day.

Making the Most of Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergy Relief

Acupuncture isn't needed on a daily basis like allergy medications, but often two treatments a week for 3 or 4 weeks yield the best results. Schedule your first acupuncture session about two weeks before allergy season hits (it starts around Labor Day for most people). A minimum of six treatments is ideal; however, more treatments can yield more benefits for some clients. When the series is complete, you'll feel less headache pressure and be able to breathe more clearly. You'll also have more clarity and focus and get better sleep -- all without allergy medications and their side effects.

Call us today at 704.483.5441 to schedule your series of acupuncture appointments to begin just before Labor Day.


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