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Ba Zi Readings

DSCN3955In Chinese BA ZI refers to eight characters which comprise what are sometimes called the four Pillars of destiny. While sometimes referred to as Chinese Astrology it is not about reading the future, but is actually based in mathematics and the relationship of elements which occur in time and is based on binary logic. A BA ZI reading provides an astonishingly accurate portrait of a person’s life. Each segment in time of the four pillars of destiny is denoted by two groups. The first is comprised of the “Ten Heavenly Stems” and the relationships of Yin and Yang among the five elements of nature. The second group is comprised of the twelve earthly branches and the relationships of the hidden elements related to them. A detailed analysis of these relationships yields information about the person’s potential and future direction. Personality traits as well as strengths and weaknesses are revealed which may be applied to major life decisions. Information about social interactions is brought to light, which can then be used to enhance personal and career relationships. For centuries in Asia, whenever a new baby is brought into the world the family of the infant will contract a BA ZI master to examine the four pillars of the infant’s life and personality. In ancient times and even today marriages pre-arranged by parents for their children would rely on the BA Zi to determine who will be the appropriate mate and for determining the proper timing of the wedding ceremony. On April 15, 2012 Jim Westmoreland L.Ac. was honored at a Gala reception and ceremony at Ballys resort in Las Vegas and was presented a certificate naming him as one of the first sixteen Sifu Tehfu Tan, lineage holder BA ZI masters in the world. Mr. Westmoreland was also honored to be certified as a gold level practitioner/teacher of Sifu Tehfu Tan Balance methods. BA Zi Chinese medicine is one of the most advanced forms of health care practice known and relies on an in depth understanding of the relationships of elements which make up a person’s personality, physiology, emotional energy, health and virtually every aspect of their being. Treating a patient from the understanding of the BA ZI is often referred to as treating from the standpoint of a patient's destiny. Truly a holistic form of treatment which sees the individual as directly linked into the web of events and personalities with which they are surrounded and are interacting in their day to day life.
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AcuCare Clinic is the only area acupuncture clinic with a strong relationship with the medical and healthcare community. We have worked diligently to close the gap between traditional and alternative healthcare so both can work in unison and in the best of the patient – you.

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