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Our clients are so important to us. See what they have to say about their results.
Acupuncture for health
"I was like most people and visited my doctor several times a year for colds, allergies and the yearly flu virus. The amazing thing is since I have been an acupuncture patient, I have not been to my primary care physician for anything except an annual physical in over four years."
Dianne, Cornelius, NC

Acupuncture for menopause
"For years I suffered with the symptoms of menopause. Since going to Abe for acupuncture and herbal supplements I have enjoyed a dramatic drop in the number and intensity of hot flashes as well as less irritability and better sleep."
Laura L.

Acupuncture for preventive surgery
"After months of unexplained Gall Bladder pain I went to AcuCare Clinic as a last resort before surgery. Remarkably, after only 3 treatments my pain was gone and I've had no trouble since then!"
Steve R.

Acupuncture for pain
"I went to AcuCare Clinic because I was unable to work on my computer or exercise for very long without pain. Now, I can work all day joyfully! I am playing tennis again and enjoying my yoga!"
Charlene L.

Acupuncture after surgery
"Abe was recommended to me by my physical therapist for help healing after rotator cuff surgery. I am more than pleased with the results as my pain has been dramatically lessened and my range of motion has greatly improved!"
Rebecca A. Denver, NC

Acupuncture for allergies
"Since doing acupuncture for allergies, I have been symptom free and no longer get sinus infections which often let to bronchitis and multiple rounds of antibiotics. Abe also has helped me a lot with restless leg syndrome. I had one or two treatments and it hasn't come back!"
Mary C. Sherrills Ford, NC

Acupuncture for fertility
"After four miscarriages and two unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization (IVF) in almost three years, we were searching desperately for any semblance of hope in our painful struggle with infertility.  Dreading a third round of IVF, a dear friend recommended that we seek help from AcuCare and its founder Abe Rummage.  At first we were skeptical of any “alternative” methods, but Abe’s easy, friendly demeanor instilled confidence in us that his techniques could enhance our experience.  Throughout the process we became more comfortable and more impressed with Abe and his professionalism and knowledge of human physiology.  Abe proved adept at explaining the science and psychology behind his treatments so we understood exactly how each treatment was specifically designed to help our particular issues with infertility.  We are happy to report that combining Abe’s treatments with a third round of IVF proved successful and we are the proud parents of eleven month old twins today.  We are extraordinarily pleased with Abe’s efforts on our behalf and would highly recommend his services to any other couple fighting infertility."
A.S. Concord, NC

Acupuncture for pain
"I am 70 yrs. old and had back surgery in 2003 that left me with nerve damage to my feet and it was especially hard for me to walk up and down steps. Also, I bowl in the Senior Leagues and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t continue bowling. My bowling partner suggested I try acupuncture so I called AcuCare Clinic and was given an appointment right away. Abe went to great lengths to explain everything to me and after only a few treatments I can now walk up and down steps without pain. I have started back bowling 3 days a week with an average of 165 pins!"
N. Winters Clairmont, NC

Acupuncture for menopause
"Acupuncture has helped my hot flashes so much that I've gone from having 15-20 per day to maybe one in a week. Also, my allergies are doing so well I haven't visited my allergy doctor in three and a half years."
Mary, Sherrills Ford, NC

Acupuncture for athletic performance
"As a professional athlete, my physical health is very important. My rigorous workout schedule is demanding on my entire body. I also had surgery on my throwing elbow in April of 2009. So, needless to say, aches and pains became a part of my daily life. My throwing elbow as well as my feet and legs seemed to be the most affected by the routine that I have to keep in order to prepare myself for baseball season. Acupuncture treatments from Abe immediately relieved the pain in my feet and legs. Prior to treatment, it took half an hour for my legs to “wake up” in the morning. The results allowed me to hit the floor running as soon as I woke up. I was amazed! My throwing elbow saw significant benefit as well after just a few treatments. Overall, it feels as though my entire body is getting ample blood supply, which makes my days easier and pain free. I would recommend Abe to anyone having similar problems. You won’t be disappointed!"
Taylor T.

Acupuncture for back pain
"Over the past 30 years, in addition to four back surgeries, I tried medication, Physical Therapy, exercise, massage, and even acupuncture elsewhere in an attempt to relieve my increasing nerve pain. It turns out not all acupuncturists are created equal. When my massage therapist suggested that I see her new partner, Abe Rummage, at AcuCare Clinic, I was skeptical. I had tried this before with no success and I HATE needles after all. I was shocked when I got out of bed the day after my first treatment and had no pain - zero, none, nada! I felt like I was 15 again (before pain had become a regular part of my life). I walked into my daughter’s room and told her how great I felt. She remarked that I was standing up straighter too! Since beginning acupuncture with Abe, I have had people remark that I no longer wear pain on my face. All I know, is that I’ve lost count of the good days because I have so many now."

Acupuncture for digestive disorders
"Abe’s acupuncture treatments have changed my life! After being diagnosed with a rare and difficult digestive disorder, my doctors pretty much told me that I would have to suffer with it for the rest of my life. My daughter suggested I give acupuncture a try and after only a few treatments at AcuCare Clinic I began noticing results. Now I am symptom free! He’s also helping me with my arthritis pain! Whenever I have a health problem these days I go to Abe first and avoid a lot of medications and costly doctor visits."
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About Us
AcuCare Clinic is the only area acupuncture clinic with a strong relationship with the medical and healthcare community. We have worked diligently to close the gap between traditional and alternative healthcare so both can work in unison and in the best of the patient – you.

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